Antonio Marenco is an Italian Videomaker/ Photographer based in Barcelona with a wide experience in creative process and networking. Our aim is to give our clients photographs, videos and ideas that will stand out and enhance their business/campaigns. With an emphasis on quality over quantity. We speak correctly English/ Catalan/ Castellano and Portuguese. French and Italian mother tongue.

Traversera de Sant Antoni 27 – 08012 – Barcelona


Antonio was born in 1978 in the far city of Trieste, a border town, which affected dramatically his childhood. Restless, possessive, obsessive. He was dishwasher, cameraman, volunteer, cook, account manager, junior art director and cook again. Nevertheless he always maintained Photography as a priority in all his experiences. He collects cameras, bankruptcies and postal cards.

«Costruire nel senso di erigere una struttura di segni ed immagini in grado di comunicare» (Gastone Novelli)