SONNO is an artist collective founded by me and based in Barcelona with wide experience in creative process and networking.

We produce documentaries, feature films and communication campaigns.

Our aim is to give our clients videos and creative ideas that will stand out and enhance their ideas or campaigns.

With an emphasis on quality over quantity.


We collaborate with:



Our plateau:

Espai Souvenir
Traversera de Sant Antoni 27 
08012 – Barcelona



Brownie, Zetema, Amref, LaVanguardia, Sonicmagazine, Rockandrollmagazine, Regione Lazio, Alvisi Kirimoto, Illy, PrimaveraSound, Sonar, Bomba Dischi, Deertickmusic, Council of Europe.


I was born in 1978 in the far city of Trieste, a border town, which affected dramatically my childhood. Restless, possessive, and obsessive, I was:

  • dishwasher in NY,
  • cameraman in Nairobi,
  • volunteer in Cape Town,
  • account manager in Strasbourg,
  • junior art director in Paris and finally… cook again.

Nevertheless, I always maintained Documentary and screenwriting as a priority in all my experiences.

I collect cameras, bankruptcies and postal cards.